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Five-minute-drive from the very heart, christened Pari Chowk, of the unique, modern city of ‘resurgent India,’ Greater Noida, is the dwelling place -- the ownership flats -- of the personnel of Indian Navy and Indian Air Force, aptly named Jal Vayu Vihar; which by virtue of its grace and elegance – and not pomp and show – has slowly but steadily turned into a highly admired society, where  residents are not burdened with sky-high monthly contribution and yet  enjoy a decent and respectful living, courtesy efficient and effective management by a team of chosen officials from amongst the residents – a combination of retired personnel of defence services and civilians who have purchased some of the dwelling units sold by Navy and Air Force personnel.

Elected by ballot every year the  president, the vice president and the secretary,  assisted by a pool of resident-nominees , deserve accolades for maintaining a swimming pool, a green-velvety central park of the size bigger than that  of a full-length hockey field, some additional smaller parks with swings and slides, a neat and clean mini shopping complex, a community centre attached with emerald-green lawn of respectable size  and many more such things which contribute towards ensuring a comfortable life, not marred by mundane problems related to water, electricity, petty thefts, noisy quarrels and so on and so forth. The residents residing in eight hundred and thirty six flats, either a ground floor one or a first floor based or else a duplex,  together celebrate the festivals of Holi and Navratri  in the community centre;  various pujas are also performed in the society-temple. Piped Natural Gas(PNG), Internet, cable TV are now an integral part of the society. Since all the flats have covered parking space for vehicles, seldom one experiences a parking inconvenience.

Within a kilometre stand three hospitals, markets, ECHS and CGHS centres, play schools and a Kendriya Vidyalaya. Two modern Malls with multiple cinema screens and shops of multifarious varieties are not more than ten minutes’ drive from the house of a resident. Radisson Blu -- a five-star hotel – is only two kilometres away, as the crow flies.  A modern cricket stadium – the home of Afghan National Team and prospective venue for day-night international games– is situated at a distance of five kilometres.

The above write-up is a glimpse of a magnificent society and not an exhaustive detail of it. One can only experience the hidden pleasure it offers by becoming a part of it.

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